Saturday, April 11, 2009

I gessoe

I need to take some time away from SAN to paint this weekend. After a brief thunder and rainstorm the skies are beautiful, the weather is pleasant, and I've stumbled upon a nice hidden away park I want to get out to. So for today (Saturday) I'm gettin' the jump on the SAN.

Easter Sunday is tomorrow and the Spring scene has kept my mind on cleaning out the old and setting up a new direction for health and art related things. I just really feel like I've got to start shifting more effort into things outside my day job, which right now is full of unnecessary distress. Do you ever feel like that--like you're off center because of one particular thing?

On Friday I failed a drug test. Three times. FML. I don't do drugs, I rarely drink, and I've been cigarette free for 16 weeks. My boss is going to let me test in another week to clear me, but right now I hear the feces splattering in the fan. Yeah nice image. Needless to say I'm pissed (no double-entendre intend--actually yes, double-entendre intended)

Has anyone (who doesn't frequent the google blog) noticed that you can now search google images by overall color? The pallete is limited, but possibly we'll be searching soon by color composition. How exciting! I used an image content searcher years ago that had access to an image library from the St. Petersburg museum. Our class project was to build a photo-mosaic of Abraham Lincoln and searching by overall color worked pretty well for that.

I found these magnificent pictures of O Cristo Redentor
cristo redentorcristo redentor 2cristor redentor 3cristo redentor 4
My thanks to the original authors and posters of the images; please contact me if you want credit or would like me to take them down.

That's all for now, stay positive no matter who or what is trying to bring you down.

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