Sunday, March 21, 2010

Expensive Mistakes

I've made a career out of mishandling opportunities and I've also carelessly cost myself more money than I care to disclose on simple things that could have been inexpensive. Case in point, I get a ticket for a minor offense, go down to the courthouse and get a 30 day extension to correct it and avoid paying a fine, and then I wind up missing the extension date and have to pay a stupid fine. In the end I'm thinking, what a racket! That $2 dollar fix-it snowballed on me and here I am giving away money I saved for a new digital camera. Drat! Have you guys done this?

I regret to report and am disheartened to learn that Jun Seba aka Nujabes has passed away this recent February 26th. Today I will be listening to Samurai Champloo Soundtrack Vol. 1; I know I'll tear up as soon as the last song plays. What a loss for us. You will be sorely missed Nujabes!

November 14, 2007

If this isn't a greater reminder to live everyday to your greatest potential I don't know what is. Do any of you ever think about that, living up to your greatest potential, that is. I have a couple of close friends who are younger than me and I find myself observing them and their habits, and their struggles with achieving long sought dreams. I can only wish them the best, and try to share with them things I have had the good fortune of learning myself. Inevitably I realize that by living my life with vim and vigor and striving for virtue in humility, honesty, open understanding, courage, etc. I share the greatest examples of the wisdom passed to me.

Do any of you have any heroes you still think about today? What did they do, or what kind of impression did they leave you with to become your hero?

I'm going out this afternoon to reconnect with my surroundings and hopefully learn something important. Be safe, be humble, and be wise sanoodlers.

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