Sunday, March 7, 2010

Innocence Naivete Childhood

The weekend started off right having dinner with a good friend and his family. I keep joking to him that I am his son from the future, because his son and I have so many of the same mannerisms. Its probably just because we're both mentally childish. :p

I watched Let the Right One In last night. It left me with a feeling of cold, longing; the kind of somber yearning you feel in preadolescence when something earth shatteringly tragic happens. Its a film full of quiet moments, pregnant with the possibility of something magical happening, but the skeptical adult mind will nevertheless realize the brutal fatalism of it all. This was just one of the suprise pieces of art I encountered this week.

The other was quite a reversal. Magnolia Pearl Porter's The Good Crook promises you violence and tragedy, but delivers an unexpected warm caress of innocence and humanity. I expected failure and sardoodledom, and instead discovered a narrative that flawlessly urges you on moment to moment. The artwork is intentionally rustic, punctuated with some of the most lyrical imagery of mundane moments.

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"Up," remixed by the Australian DJ, Pogo.

Well, the night's almost up, and I have a gazillion things to do before bed. How was your week? Do you have a lot planned for this week? Me, I'm hoping to start painting this week. Its definitely going to be an action-packed, up hill trudge, beginning with paying off some bills so old they're called williams, immediately followed by slaving for the man, topped with a dollop of trying to get into bed at a decent time and still get things done while getting up early enough to get other stuff done. Cheers, its beer:30 over here.

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