Monday, April 5, 2010


For some reason I can't think of anything more imperative than the need to explore. For me and for all of us. In everything we do if we explore, we surrender the mundane and traverse the unknown to build a connection between our conscious soul and the unconscious inanimate around us. The connection is the basis of everything, it is the stream we yearn for in our lifelong toil. It is the cycle of birth and death of all life, ideas, and ideals.

In our youth exploration is a basic activity in every aspect of our being. We explore the material world, the imaginary, the ideasphere, and the inner structures of our own being. Through our maturity we explore relationships, geography, time and consciousness. We explore ideaology, generation, dogma, politics. We explore society, industry, fantasy.

Maybe I am mistaken, and this is a whim. Or maybe this is a revelation cued to the right moment to be recognized and taken hold of. Maybe this is the beginning of a movement, the inkling of an ideal that will traverse an arena larger than my single mind could conjure. If that it is, then I am humbled in the presence of the thought.

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