Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Good For You!

Laser Pony Studios presents The Horseman's Tale
with special appearance by kcgeep

I can't even express how good Dan Hipp's blog has been lately. I've also been nosing around Natalie Nourigat's internet homes. Wish her congratulations on joining the good folks at Periscope Studios. I, of course, discovered Natalie through Emi Lennox who was also an intern at Periscope.

Check out my Feb 18 Sketch Diary!

I'm still buzzing through Emitown's archives, soon to be thumbing along the Between Gears archives simultaneously. I get a kick out of retracing timelines, especially people's online journals, noting where their time and attention went, what phenomena they were aware of, how their rituals change over time.

Kazu Kibuishi gives us a glimpse of his layout process at And here is an advance look at the forthcoming Thundercats reboot. If you like that, you might like this CGHub thread about revamping the Thundercats chara designs. I really like the designs by Iconic.

This weekend I snoozed through a long playlist of movies in my backlog such as Brazil, Eastern Promises, Time Bandits, The Cotton Club, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Shock Corridor and The Expendables. I really would have liked to get out in the sunlight. I am, however, glad I got some drawing in this week. Next week I hope to post my Magic the Gathering comic. It's now technically Monday, so I leave you with my new favorite youtube cooking channel.

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