Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm feeling anxious and upset. I am spiritually malcontented. The Sunday Afternoon Noodle grew out of a need to take angry, frustrated energy and use it to resurface creative and inspirational concepts. I wanted to put myself in a room with large empty walls and just start decorating, painting furiously à la Jackson Pollock, scribbling on an open canvas like Harold with his purple crayon. I wanted to resurrect my spirit of adventure and exploration, to challenge myself as if fencing with a bizarro version of myself.

But I must apologize that SAN has become a dumping ground for links gleaned from people apparently living the life I want. I apologize the writing is mostly stale and uninspired. I apologize the artwork is always an afterthought--rushed, unrefined, and insubstantial.

I am mostly angry at myself for letting my obsessive fiddling with minutiae keep myself from substantial work in these last 3 years. So I guess what I'm leading myself up to is that I need to grow beyond SAN. Maybe I'll begin by posting the first Monday Afternoon Noodle (MAN). SAN can continue to be a linkdump location with brief summation of the week, while MAN begins the week with some actual creative output. It gives me a day to get my affairs in order, and then focus on productive exploits. Lord knows I don't want to work for the man forever.

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