Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Monday August 26, 2013.  Gossip about the events of the VMAs Sunday night littered twitter this morning, mostly stuff about Miley Cyrus.  So inevitably "We Can't Stop" is filtered into the back of every stray thought on my mind.  This was the Monday of roommate drama over our energy bill, and probably the nail in the coffin to this shared living experiment.  I expect by October I'll be on my own again.  SPX will probably be a bust for me this year.

I took myself to Woodward Park this afternoon to clear my head.  I made a little ground squirrel friend I named, Chubs.  I also had finished watching Hot Fuzz midday after drunkenly falling into a stupor last night.  I had a pretty alright time watching World's End Saturday night, and I'm still kind of marveling at the range of roles these actors have played in the Cornetto Trilogy. 

I'm going to try to squeeze in a viewing of Numero Deux after chatting with Sarah Horrocks about her inspirations for her Mumon-Seki comic.  She says it should be finished by today, but I've been resistant to getting lost in the riptide that is tumblr.

I've had this sketch of the characters I invented for my Marvel Comics take on Watchmen.  I've been thumbing through my notes from last fall, and trying to polish things up.  I've also done a few things with Migret and Eurydice recently.  Those are my projects for now.  I came across some old notes for Aju Tengen in my google drive.  Maybe I'll resurrect that as well.  OH, the other thing I revived was my Ghost Bro which, like Aju Tengen, was from 2008 and also annotated in my google drive documents.  Creatively, I've got a lot on my plate.

I plan to watch Breaking Bad tonight, watch the recent episodes of Adventure Time, and possibly some Regular Show.  I've got 3 volumes of Gunnerkrigg Court & Berserk each (backtracked to Gunnerkrigg v1 to refresh myself).  I also have Shadow Eyes, another Asterix book, and my recently purchased Manhattan Projects handy.  I finished Punk Rock Jesus Sunday and returned it.  I also read a little of Blade of the Immortal that same day while doing laundry.

I only wish I could get over this feeling of dread and indecision that always washes out the days and evenings.  I tend to find myself late into the night tired and craving the comfort of sleep, having accomplished nothing.  That has to change. 

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