Sunday, September 29, 2013

My first real day back is about misery.  It's about how misery hates company, especially people who are not aware of themselves or how domineering they are and eat their roommate's oranges.  My first real day back glosses over the entire summer I missed blogging about, and how things have come full circle from 4 years ago and I am no longer at the job that occupied for as long.

Today is the first real day back.  Today is the Sunday of revolution, of real feelings, and real actions and the beginning of a new cycle.  Today is the October for all future Octobers.  Today is the Sunday afternoon dawn of all Sunday afternoons.

I am livid and drinking and writing from a place of presence and power.  I am writing about nothing in particular, but soon that won't be true.

This was another week of joblessness, of the turmoil of the congressional budgeting for government and Obamacare.  It was the week of the horse_ebooks reveille, the week of Rachel, Bridge, Kate, Faith, Renae, & Brian's birthdays.  It was the week of discussion of Halloween twitter names, of the Free! finale, and soon the Breaking Bad finale. 

I tweeted with a lot of friends, and in the meantime took a trip down to a nice neighborhood, dreamed about a buying a tablet for mobile sketching, and finished off a slew of library books.  The first week of Comix Warriors was through this week and on Wednesday we got our new prompt: barbecue.  I fed myself better this week, but struggled to normalize a sleeping schedule.

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