Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall's End

October 28, 2013

It's the last week of October, 2nd month of fall.  We're 4 days out from Halloween.  I'm up tonight having watched Black Magic M-66, skimmed through Gunbuster, and a few Machine Molle videos for M83 on Julie's rec.  I'm in a weird, distant place.  Thank goodness for Jenny and people online who are nice to me.  I was watching some old community channel videos remembering my youtube infatuation and wanting to make videos. 

I heard the new Lemon Demon single Everybody Loves Raymond and it reminded me of Cows & Cows & Cows.  Put that together with some Ewan Dobson videos and I have a nice Fall mood playlist.  Earlier I was listing robots I like: M-11, Bender, Bubo, Wall-E, Johnny Five, R2D2, The Vision, Box, Ninjzz, Briaeros, North No.2.  Just got my mind running in a direction.  Robots are pretty cool.

I doodled a poor kid halloween costume trying to drum up some ideas for my CxW comic.  I finally started Nuclear Winter and shot through the first 2 chapters.  Later I drew a selfie with my long hair and new jeans. I found out I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space is going offline soon

October 31, 2013 5:18pm

Shit is really bad right now.  Tuesday night Adam's wife, picked a fight with me over me having the mail key.  It escalated into a shouting match and I ended up retreating to my room, but not before she tried to force her way in.  She was out there calling me a bitch and a faggot to him when I popped out to explain, but she cut me off.  I texted him asking to talk privately.  The next morning, on no sleep, I tried to catch him before work to talk, but he accused me to of trying to fight her and threatened me.  He also said something about me finding a place to stay before shit got ugly.  I packed a bugout bag & left to check in on Maggie & see Vince.  Vince & I ended up hanging out with Brent & his friend Daniel later.  From there Maggie swooped me up to go to Swing-o-Ween.  I had a great time there as awkward as I was.  The instructor was impressed in my comprehension.  I kissed Maggie goodnight and headed off to Vince's.  We had one of our usual talks and I turned out for the night.  I got up just before noon, dreading dealing with stuff at home.  Finally got on my way, paid my portion of rent & got a 30 days notice in.

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