Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Better Later Than Ever

In memory of the highly respected Manny Farber, who passed away August 2008. I was never in a class he taught, but I was certainly in classes by individuals he influenced, not to mention the Visual Arts Department he almost single-handedly willed into existence. Reading his White Elephant Vs. Termite Art was one of very few eureka moments I had in college, and I feel a kinship with him for it.

Today, despite having no plan for today's post, despite having nothing important to say, nor cheap gimmick to rest my laurels on, decided to, just as I have done physically through my often tempestuous life, burrow through with tenacity, eschewing the rose-colored dream of having something monumental to show or say, nor the complacency to show off the consistency and/or correctness of methods and choices. I'm late. I have nothing. It's one of those day and dollar aphorisms butting its trite head into reality. And I am inclined to respond, "Oh well."

On some random episode of House that I watched @ Justin TV after having just been rehabilitated from a rare life-threatening syndrome, Joe Morton's thinly veiled Barrack Obama character explains that he will still run for president, but will most likely lose. House then questions why he would run at all, to which the senator replies, "Oh so you mean to say you believe you have to win every battle . . ." Or something to that effect.

Well maybe there is something to say having to do with the current state of the U.S. and world economy, the politico-military stalemates occurring around the globe. But that's a jig saw puzzle for somebody else's amusement. What's the country song now about going through hell? Hahaha this is a Forrest Gump marathon, you're just passengers on my train of thought (props to whichever rapper I heard that from). Arbitratily, the end.

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