Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcome to the blog about nothing and EVERYTHING!

As I type this line, glancing at 4:20 PM in the corner of my screen, Michael Jackson's PYT playing, I'm reconciling my self-proclaimed noble promise to stay on a weekly schedule with this blog against the severe lack of an organizing principle for content. On one hand, it's easier to stick to a schedule if you're not constrained by content guidelines, on the other hand, maybe the content would be more relevant, useful, or entertaining if there were some guidelines. But what can I say I am completely tangential and full of whimsy and curiosity. So I present:


1. The Drawings of Gustave Doré

2. The Free Info Society

3. History and art relating to the rape of the Sabine Women

4. The life and works of Carl Barks

5. Image production such as panography

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