Sunday, February 8, 2009

What is a Sunday Afternoon Noodle?

Okay, I hope this is the first and last time that I hop on the meme-wagon (as if that's possible on the internetz) but this video has the charm and hilarity to stay funny years after the fact (provided memers don't hack & remix it to death)

is this going to be forever?

I watched 3 quirky films this weekend. Avida (2006), Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day (1996) and Babel (2006). I am reading Fresno Stories by William Saroyan,
Speaking with the Angel edited by Nick Hornby, The Complete Zot! Book 1, Essential X-Men Volume 8, and I recently finished the last 2 books of Bone, and the short first volume of King City by Brandon Graham.

I rescued a couple of books from a fire damage house including The Silmarillion, Star Wars, Dr. Strangelove, and two books from the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators series. The light layers of soot give them the smell I remember on old books.

I've been designing tattoos, a business card, and working on a new way of vectorizing portraits. And today I'll probably probe through my taboo list, my stumbleupon list, and miscellaneous bookmarks to find some interesting topics to blog about next week. I'm hoping to get around to painting since I've got my brushes clean now, and I hope I eventually get out to take some ref photos. I still have panography projects on the backburner.

This is me. Constantly in the middle of a million streams of thought---where I like to be---trying to sort and bring order to the chaos--what I am compelled to do.

I woke up today with a similar buzz as poor, little David (after the Dentist) thinking about a marathon of a dream I was having. I've read that dreams are often the residue of the subconscious mind processing all the information stored in our short term memory. If that's the case, then SAN is just the dream at the end of the week. Or is it the beginning?

a few tools I want to share
(the freeware PSA)
taboo - a firefox add-on that allows you to quickly bookmark pages and passages that you want to read later; it organizes them chronologically and displays them as thumbnail images. it also saves the local history of the tab which helps me backtrack my train of thought. i've begun to use taboo in place of read it later which was quite useful.

cool previews - kind of a picture-in-picture style of link fetcher. hover over a link, to be able to pop out a temporary window that will disappear when you hover outside the window. it also pops out temp windows in google images so that you can quickly browse the fullsize images without shuttling back and forth. what i like the most is the ability to highlight text and search your favorite databases/search engines (google, imdb, wikipedia, urbandictionary, amazon, etc.)

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