Sunday, March 15, 2009

And then there were 12, or was it 13?

The Ides of March, the auspicious day of Cesar's assassination, just 2 days before St. Patrick dies having expelled the snakes and paganism from Ireland. This is the twelfth Sunday of SAN's existence, and the 13th successive post.

Woo Hoo!

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So I tried to watch Kite Runner, but my stream failed. Instead I caught up on Community Channel. Also a few weeks ago while watching Persepolis, somebody asked me about Communism--so in following up I decided to research the rise of Communism beginning with Lenin in Russia, which inevitably led to a tangent on Stalin, and then backward toward the Romanov dynasty, and lastly the Bolshevik Revolution. I've decided Communism is a lot like how Churchill described Russia's actions in October 1939: a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

So here's other stuff in my cue: Time Bandits (1981), Caravaggio (1986), The History Channel's: Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked (2003). I'm reading: Charles Burns' Blackhole, Zot Book 1 (still), Anton Chekhov Stories (trans. by Pevear and Volokhonsky), Raymond Carver's Where I'm Calling From. And I just discovered Sinfest and Family Man (thanks to Kate Beaton). Other notables I haven't yet mentioned are: Hereville, The Adventure Book, Patches, and Daisy Owl.

I'd like to reinject some of the fun ideas back into SAN (not even optioned, the ramenu, and some of my doodles/cartoons) but my time has been short lately. So I'm still not even sure what a Sunday Afternoon Noodle should/could/might look like. For now, this is what I've got, and if ya want more, ya gotta ask for it! Does anybody hear me? Ha ha. Okay, I'm going to do my laundry. Leave a comment if anything hits you over the head. Peace-tro.

So Today's Video Hash is in honor of marching to the beat of a different drummer . . . .

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