Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm not picking favorites, but . . .

you should know I've always had a thing against picking out favorites of anything. I think it has something to do with wanting to be diplomatic, unbiased, or fair. And maybe on an aesthetic level its more about enjoying variety, and finding the appreciation of a thing--or sets of things or all things--inexhaustible. But as infinite and temporary as favorites can be, there is a use in naming them--as much as there is a use for stating anything of a subjective nature that might change at any given moment. For now, I give you a list of favorites in no particular order:

1. Favorite Wild on E! host: Jules Asner, whom I just discovered is married to one of my favorite film makers, Steven Soderbergh. Jules, to me is the cuter version of Sandra Bullock, possesor of the girl-next-door charm, and I believe she was married to Ed Asner's kid. And everbody knows Ed Asner is socks! Her replacement, Brooke Burke has been known to steam up television sets the world over, and I congratulate Brooke on the great precedence she set for the show--but I could never forget the original flavor of Wild On.

2. Favorite Talk Soup host: I liked Hal, and the other long faced guy. But Aisha Tyler sold Talk Soup to me. All three hosts smiled suggestively at their own jokes, but Aisha was the only one who made me want to giggle like a school girl. Or maybe its just that I wanted to jump her bones at the same time.

3. Favorite way to spend a sunny afternoon: taking a nap in the breeze with my main squeeze

4. Favorite dessert: crumb cake with a scoop of jamoaca almond fudge ( I just thought this up right now)

5. Favorite squinty eyed, older white guy actor: Ed Asner. Jonathan Winters and Dom DeLuise were very close behind, but Edward Asner is such a great humanitarian as well as the voice of several of my favorite cartoon supporting characters like Roland Daggett from Batman: TAS and Cosgrove from Freakazoid. How can you front on that?

6. Favorite column from Wizard Magazine in the 90's: Palmer's Picks, but it's obvious that Letters to the Editor was a crowd-pleasing close second-place. Stab your eyes Pat McCallum you were just that funny.

7. Favorite aspect of Hero Illustrated (also in the 90's): The way the reviews were written you got the sense that these people really liked doing what they did--reading comics and getting the word out to the rest of us. Because of that I haven't been able to get Grisnoir: Julien Boisvert out of my head.

8. Favorite nostalgic 80's kids movie: Flight of the Navigator. I don't even know why right now. There's just something buried in my subconscious about how awesome that movie was. Or am I mixing it up with Mac and Me? Doh!

9. Favorite wikipedia like topical website: Television Tropes With entries like kick the dog and this outstanding pictorial example of talking is a free action, it boggles me why it doesn't make the rounds like urbandictionary or failblog.

10. Favorite Youtube celebrity: Community Channel, aka Natalie "Nat" Tyler Tran who for some reason is the only one I've watched more than 10 videos of. Sorry Happyslip I sort o' trailed off with you. David Choi and Kina Granis are doing good things, and a bunch more.

11. Favorite matching ensemble: A Corona t-shirt with matching boxers that I bought at Mervyn's some time ago. If you see me wearing these it means it's business time.

12. Favorite Nintendo game: T&C Surf Designs. This game was so fun to me for some reason despite being repetitive, grossly underchallenging, and full of absurdity. Time for me to load up FireNes and get a round in before I go to bed.

13. Favorite thing about today's Sunday Afternoon Noodle: It's 8:35pm and I'm still typing, despite having begun this on Tuesday of the past week. Definitely most procrastinated post.

14. Favorite highschool required reading book: Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Anne Burns. Grandpa Blakeslee made that book fun as hell. Plus he got himself some young woman lovin'. You go grampa.

15. Favorite episode of Cheers: the one where Sam was trying to figure out what song made Rebecca weak in the knees. Man I miss that show.

I watched Gran Torino and Without a Paddle this weekend. Those two movies have something in common, but I'm not telling. Ask me later. I'm hoping to squeeze in Time Bandits. I haven't drawn or tinkered in GIMP in a while. I'm hoping to soon. Also welcome back Alan Tew. Lines and Colors is a blog I just discovered, interestingly enough maintained by Charley Parker, the creator behind the first made for the web comic, Argon Zark!

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