Sunday, April 26, 2009

In the Clouds

The lack of an organizing principle invites the mind into chaos. That sounds like a pretty solid answer to a question you didn't ask, doesn't it? Well then, we won't dwell on it.

We need some groove music

That's the stuff. Today's SAN was brought to you by the wonderful users of stumbleupon, the people behind taboo, youtube, google, and your grandmother who makes the most delicious pastries and desserts.

Today I am leaving you to your devices so that I can actually go and be in the world for a bit, and possibly paint some pretty pictures for you all to marvel at, and then go spend $50 buying printed merchandise of at a later date (cha-ching).

Actually I'm not going to leave you to your devices because i'm pretty sure your devices are either the type that are illegal in 43 countries or else the ones that cause grave bodily mutilation. But far be it from me to put ideas in your head, unless it involves some subversive motive to detach your paypal credits from your person to feed the monster that is my starving account (groan; cha-ching)

here are some artpad paintings i got suckered into doing:
(don't laugh. i'm very sensitive.)

I am indebted to AceQwerty (my only follower) for reminding me about Ninjai. I've also spent a bit of time catching up with the archives of Platinum Grit which reminds me of Opus, Bone, and Strangers in Paradise all at once. Great work Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy. I also read The Kids Are Alright by Chynna Cluggston one of the trendsetters for today's generation of manga-influenced American and Canadian comic creators. Later on today I'll try to actually get through Russian Ark, Boy A, and Salo.

Oh yeah, happy belated Earthday! You know we get 52 Sundays a year, but only one Earthday! Hope it was special!

and now some mixed classical (see you next time! ^_^)

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Carol B. said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I know you were reading me before but after I was gone for a while I didn't know who would be back.
As for my art, I am organizing myself to paint more, but I am not painting as much as I want because I am in the process of looking for a job, as I have not had that day job for quite a while now. The constant search and time it takes to fill out all those apps takes forever. Wish I didn't have to go back. Like everyone else, keep wanting to just make a living from painting, but you know how that is. But no giving up. We'll both make it.
I had not read this new blog of yours. I had just read the old one that you only had a few posts on. I am really liking your posts. I love your fight to stay positive, and yes, it can be a fight not to get suckered down into the boring side of life. You are inspiring.
By the way, congrats on quitting smoking. You have a lot of years left to be vibrant. You don't want to have those last years be miserable.
Wishing you the best,
Carol B.