Sunday, May 3, 2009

It never entered my mind

May 3rd is the 123rd day of the year, and there are only 242 calendar days left in the year. That's 242 action-packed, anything-could-happen, amazing days of your life until January 1st of the next decade, 2010. Is that too much statistics?

On with the show!
I use cool previews to check out links while staying put. I could start using javascript for my links to open new windows/tabs. What do you y'all think?

(21 track playlist--> feel free to skip ahead)

hover above the screen to see the "<" back and ">" forward buttons. click on the screen to open a window with the currently playing vid for more info

Thanks to Kate Beaton I found myself reading about Florence Nightengale and the unsung heroine Mary Seacole. I'm very excited about ordering Kate Beaton's first book. Yay for comics about history. I've also been in contact with the amiable and talented CarolB who has put together a May blessing for all aspiring artists. Thanks Carol.

I haven't had any time to worry about the H1N1, and to be honest I'd rather keep that can of worms shut. Why not just be of healthy mind and body? Get some sunlight, eat right, sleep right, get a little exercise everyday, and keep your body, your house, and your stuff clean. Speaking of clean, I've got some laundry to do, so no time to dilly-dally.

But wait. Speaking of clean I've also got to clean out some of my taboo's, some of my uncategorized bookmarks, and folders with zany random pictures. Oh yeah, that's where SAN comes in!

I don't know if there's anybody who hasn't heard me blabbing about stumbleupon yet. There is definitely a down side to it.

But then there's also the good. Connecting with other bloggers via stumble-through-blogs, finding new sites (or web comics) based on comics (i mean sites) you've rated or stumbled on, effortless link sharing to emails or social sites, or even just archiving links of stuff you like. I haven't been initiated into reddit or digg so stumbleupon is my main source of social bookmarking.

Here's me and my Pops circa 1981

I know what you're thinking. The most handsome devil in a diaper. Thanks, I'll take it.

Here's the famous El Cortez building in downtown San Diego; its an unfinished collage of several pictures I took last July. It brings to mind 2 wishes for this year. Wish #1: That I finish cleaning up the collage in it's giant 4,000 x 2000 pixel dimensions and Wish #2: That I make it back out to Comic-Con this year and/or enjoy the seaside, breezy schmoozing that comes along with it.

Web Heroes:

Stanley Lau
, Vadrum, Bryan O Malley and Hope Larson
James Jean, Writing Hannah, John Allison, Kelly Hamilton
Ronald Jenkees, Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing
Poor Girl Eats Well, Kelly Vivanco, Alan Tew

Drawger is awesome. So's Musicovery. I sometimes get my anime news from Anime Pulse. And I listen to KPFA and WORT, especially on weekends. Lost at E Minor and Fecal Face will blow your mind.

Wowzers I'm packin' it in tight today!! Speakin' of packin' it in . . .

Enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy your Sunday Afternoon, and your Sunday Afternoon Noodle.




Carol B. said...

Del, what a cutie you are in your baby picture! :) I am not too sure what you look like today because of the sunglasses you wear in your picture, but when I see your dad I get the feeling you look just like him.
This is such a beautiful picture because it radiates with the joy and love your dad feels for you.
Carol B.

Delidel said...

nice of you to say :) what you don't know is the sunglasses are hereditary. :p