Saturday, May 9, 2009

Alma Mater

Happy Mother's Day mothers of the world. I love you all!!

things that went on this week:

Star Trek opened in theaters. The price of a single adult IMAX ticket was $15.75; Needless to say I didn't add to the box-office-opening pot. On an unrelated note does anybody have have a great DLP projector hooked up to a laptop with a bittorrent client? Just kidding RIAA. Don't kill my family and set my house on fire.


Its becoming a trend for people to recut Hindi film musical numbers with dirty English subtitles (see Eat Nipples) and I believe Buffalax was the originator. I guess the good thing is more people will have been exposed to Indian music and films.

Khan Noonien Sing | Space Seed Ep. 22 of Star Trek the original series

I got lured into this after catching an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise revolving around Arik Soong and the Augments (which sounds to me like an awesome Rockabilly Band now that I think of it)

Dance Like Michael Jackson - Far East Movement | Won't Even Start - David Choi

Directed by Wong Fu Productions

ABDC Season 3 | Quest (I sheepishly admit I watched the 1st two seasons of this show and enjoyed it; Quest is the dance group featured in Dance Like Michael Jackson; btw Wong Fu is a production house that has its origins at my alma mater UCSD)

Kokopelli came up in a conversation this week, and I began to realize that I am the only person who hadn't previously been familiar with him. Why is this important? Because in a way the idea of him has helped make this day possible. ;-)

Cusco - A city of a great ancient nation and a German synth band. That's a two-fer.

PGEW If you didn't know I was a foodie, then you know now. And just about nothing beats a gal who does it with frugality and class. Poor Girl Eats Well is my new superheroine.

Theremin - When I was in college I became familiar with the Teeny Tiny Pit Orchestra using a theremin in their silent film performances.

Song of India | Sadko - I just really liked this song that I had to know more. Typical me.

Sinbad the Sailor | Sadko

maria bamford

things for today:

This is me and my mom circa 1981

growing pains of painting - still struggling through my warm up piece. i'll keep everybody posted as it develops. instead i doodled on inkscape and wound up with this boris badenov portrait; i blame reruns of Rocky & Bullwinkle on tbs

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