Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sexy Sci-Fi and Syttende Mai

Okay, so last Sunday I changed my mind and forked over the $15.75 to see StarTrek in the IMAX. How was it? In a word: fascinating. Caveat Emptor, in the great nation of Star Trek fans, I am somewhere between the type of fan who hasn't seen every movie yet and the type of fan who knows what Darmak and Jalad at Tenagra means. I guess that's moderate fandom. In other words I've never dressed up as a Klingon, and I can laugh at a decent parody, but I also have lovely coming of age memories of Uhura, Diana Troi, and Seven of Nine.

So what's it like? It's kind of like Starship Troopers with young versions of the original Star Trek cast. Last week I was watching episodes from the original series on youtube, and realized how perfect Zachary Quinto was going to be as Spock. I mean seriously. He was just a logical choice. As an action movie, its got a great rhythm backed with a script with believable dialogue. The sound and score is par excellence. And for all the serious tension of the plot, there are enough gags referencing the original series to make it LOL for the whole family. And as an origin story, it is just super sexy. This is really the type of movie to give a franchise a fresh look for all generations concerned. We get to see Kirk not only suave as Shatner, but cocky and funny ala Chris Pine.

Okay let me stop, because this really isn't meant to be a review. I had fun. And it had an appropriate sub-plot for me to see on mother's day. More about that some other time.

So Today is Syttende Mai :) Otherwise known as Norwegian Independence Day, Syttende Mai (the 17th of May) is celebrated largely in the Midwest with parades, traditional Norwegian dances, bratwurst, lefse, and oh so yummy krum krakken. It's a lovely holiday to be acquainted with, and I miss being in Wisconsin this time of year.

It is incredibly hot here. Also the air quality index is bad, because apparently sunlight and heat causes ozone gases to form from normal pollutants. But you probably knew that if you live in California and have had your car smog-tested. Or maybe you didn't, so there--learned something new.

I am thinking of beginning a podcast. Actually I've thought about some incarnation of a podcast for a while now, but now I'm thinking it would create a nice bridge to actually getting to see and hear me, instead of the ominous voice in your head you attribute to me. Who knows, maybe this is a bad idea . . .

This week, in the attempt to keep myself interested in painting despite an apparent apathy caused by a general work-related malaise, I looked into the painting of Joseph Turner, Kaspar David Friedrich, and Guissepe "Pino" Dangelico.

On Sundays I like to take a drive and listen to Alan Beck's underground oldies show, which plays here from 6pm to 10pm.

While searching for some of my favorite underground oldies I chanced upon Southernmost Kate/Keywest Kitten/ MsFirecracker (dancing to Fooled around and fell in Love by Elvin Bishop) and Diana Campanella (dancing to Respect Yourself by the Staples Singers). Suddenly I'm very convinced of the relationship between enthusiasm and the Terpsichorean Muse.

I just disocovered Chip Zdarsky via Kate Beaton. I also reacquainted myself with the work of Carson Ellis, wife of Decembrist lead singer Colin Meloy.

I hear some people have a hard time kicking nicotine nightmares. Not me.

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