Sunday, May 24, 2009

Celebrate All Around the World

Happy Birthday Shichiro Watanabe and Mo Willems!!!
Sheep & General Specific
How fitting that today celebrates the birth of two guys whose creations have inspired me to create my own.

In other news, I finally fell in with the Zune crowd and got my own. I am excited to have portable music once again, as well as video. Even now I am syncing episodes of Full Metal Panic and possibly Psych. I may even have to sync some podcasts just for the sake of it.

I borrowed I Vitelloni and Yiyi again, as well as the Pat Labor movie, which for some reason I brushed off when it was new billions of years ago. Now is your chance to make fun of me for being years behind on the times. That is unless you are even more behind the times than me. In that case, no worries, We can be old fogeys together.

I actually picked up quite a few things at the library this week: The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot, Goodbye Chunky Rice by Craig Thompson, Kurt Busiek's Astro City: The Tarnished Angel, Paul Chadwick's Concrete: Fragile Creature, Wing Shing Ma's Storm Riders, and JLA: Kid Amazo by Peter Milligan and Carlos D'anda. I just hope there's time to digest everything here.
Tale of One Bad RatGood-bye Chunky RiceAstro City: Tarnished AngelStorm RidersJLA: Kid AmazoPatrick Boivin: Animator Extraordinaire |

Monday is Memorial Day, so I'm sure many of you are diggin' into the 3-day weekend as best you can. Maybe you're even out of town. I wish you safe and happy celebrations and a fresh, easy spirit when you return.

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