Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clutter My Culture

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I have to apologize. I've been subsumed with getting my favorite shows onto my zune so that I could catch up. Unfortunately, watching them online is a lot quicker than getting them converted and synced. But alas, my streams are steadily disappearing. Poop.

I have to write down this aphorism before I lose the sticky note I wrote it on.

What you gain in life isn't nearly as impressive as what you maintain well.

On that note I wanted to talk a little about space. I'm running out of space! I currently stay in an apartment the size of a shoe box, and despite my fastidiousness at reorganizing and consolidating, everything is spilling into everything, and well, my shoe box is messier than the bed sheets after a wild romp.

I have my painting in progress laying around here somewhere. Probably somewhere adjacent to the stacks of magazines:

. . . that I've purchased in the last couple of months.

So here's my little dilemma. The more I store things away the more they are out of sight and out of mind aka uinspiring. However, the more uncompressed I allow these things to go the more of a cluttered mess of a mind and body I have to endure. I know there has to be a middle ground, but right now I feel like a big man in a pair of small undies, unnecessarily chafed.

If there's anybody out there listening I just wanted to ask what are your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly organizing rituals? How do you balance your need for order with your need for spontaneity and inspiration?

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Jonas said...

So, I finally got my computer back... been looking to hit you up. I have still been reading your blogs on my friends PSP via leeching wi-fi from my unsuspecting neighbors. (shame shame)No worries though because I am back full throttle now.(at least for a bit.) I leave to go to basic training on July 21st. After 8 1/2 weeks there, I get 1 weekend off to gather my things. From there I go to tech school, possibly in Biloxi, Mississippi, for around 3 months. Allthough tech school is a little more civilian. I'm sure to have some gnarly organizational ideas when I come back. Great post.

p.s. How's that cold turkey been treating you?