Sunday, June 7, 2009

The thrill is gone

Do you ever get that overwhelming feeling of high hopes gone sour, lackluster, and generally not worth additional effort? I feel like its something I've battled most of my life, and I'm probably a lot better at keeping up the fight, but the damn feeling lingers like a poltergeist.

I remember I used to tell people that I felt gray, a cigarette wasting away between my fingers, feeling like the eponymous desperado from the Eagles song. Feeling like a bag of weary bones with a yoke on his back and another sunrise to face.

I'm writing this as the Sunday light slowly fades away, and I am left with the darkness of night to finish my chores--another weekend having slipped between my fingers.

So if you can't tell I worked through the weekend again, though this time I was able to work around my own schedule. It's late. Sunday Afternoon has passed and I am eking out what meager enthusiasm I have left. Man I need a nap.

this video reminds me of film school. the fun parts, i mean.

Phoenix - Lisztomania
Uploaded by UniversalMusicGroup.

Ace is back!

After weeks of absence persuing a career in the airforce and fawning over his new lady friend Ace has sent me a wire. This just in:


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Jonas said...

Just got a list of places I have the chance to be stationed @. Beale AFB in Cali is gonna be top on my list. Using Safari 4 to browse for a bit, it has no stumble add on(that stinks) Got the Sunday Afternoon Noodle on the Top Sites feature page of it. Hope to catch you soon on Gchat or something. L8RDEL