Sunday, July 12, 2009

chomp chomp go chomp chomp go

Hi Sunday Afternoon Noodles!

Today's SAN was brought to you hours behind schedule thanks to hot weather, lack of sleep, and procrastination. I am frustratingly trying to balance keeping SAN consistent while trying to give outlet to my art and writing endeavors. Unfortunately, all I have for you this week is scraps. In fact, Nick Fury and Black Terror will have to wait yet again. I promise I will give them their own special Sunday with tons of background, fast facts, and rare artwork. But for now, they'll just have to sit on the shelf until I can alot the necessary time to do it right. I hope you understand.

So What do we have here? Well some time ago I cooked a perfectly seared, medium rare steak, with my special cayenne fried zucchini. A few days later I grilled up the leftover steaks and cut them up for a couple of burritoes. One of those burritoes has chick peas for lack of refried beans, Sargento 4-cheese, homemade salsa (jalapeno & serrano), sour cream, cotija cheese, rice, and jalapenos. The other has black beans in place of the chick-peas.

pac map

And this is, well . . . proof that I have too much time on my hands. I have to print maps on a pretty regular basis at work, and everybody will just dump these printed maps on my desk. So guess what's close by when I get the doodle-bug? I call this Pac-Map. Oh yeah, and I am fully aware there was no green ghost in the original pac-man. I just had a green highlighter and I'm having completionist tendencies lately.

Down below I have two album covers I created for a couple of mixed cd's I made a few years ago which I recently synced with my Zune. The lack of album art gets on my nerves, so I was forced (le sigh) to go on a 2 hour tangent searching through my own stock photos for apt cover art, and then creating a logical theme.

The first one is called Get to Chicago based on a line from Led Zeppelin's When The Levy Breaks, as well as a being a memento of driving from North Carolina through Chicago to Wisconsin to see my ex girlfriend on a 23 hour drive.

The second mix title comes from the eponymous Trey Songz track, that encompasses the feeling of the daily hustle. Yes I still listen to mixed cd's I made 3 and 4 years ago.

That's it for now Noodles. OH I forgot to mention Season 1 of Legend of The Seeker on hulu! Now if you'll excuse me I have episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars to upload to my Zune on the offhand chance I have time to kill and am interested in watching them.

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