Sunday, July 19, 2009


I've just finished a marathon reading of Mister X, a book infatuated with insomnia, insanity, and interminable inertia. And last night I caught the last showing of Public Enemies, which clocks in at 2hrs 23 mins, another story of inertia and violent kinetics. Sleep for me in the last 48 hours has come in torrents escaping the drastic heat, and then has dissipated like so many shallow rivers in the midst of drought.

Ladies and gentleman (to be frank more the ladies than the gents) I am in need of a hug and a restful sleep. Maybe a lap to lay my head upon while soft hands stroke my brow and fingers run through my hair. A shallow desire, I know. Please forgive.

So I don't know any other way to put it than to just say: I lost my job. Well, my day job. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with office politics so it's a great relief on my weary shoulders, but now I'm stuck in the nightmare America has obsessed about for the last year or so, unemployed in a dwindling economy. Oh well, it's not like I lost my health insurance or anything LMAO! Ahem. There was never any offered to begin with. But hey, let's all take this as a lesson to go and find new cheese when your regular supply of cheese has gone moldy and rancid.

So on to better things.

Till next time,
Go somewhere in your head until you can go there in reality.

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