Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magic happens between panels and hard work

Happy Sunday everbody! I write to you today while away from home, because the universe has blessed me. Its a little too much for me to go into detail about, but let's just say that I've made a very positive move recently.

So I just wanted to say this blogging from the road thing is new to me. Though I may appear to be one of the initiated when it comes to virtual life, I am tragically as hip as your grandpa dancing with his pant leg tucked into his paisley sock. Yes. Awesome. I get a little timid revealing my online obsessions in public, since usually I comport myself as a fairly young, well-mannered gentleman of few distinguishing peculiarities, and that is fairly hard to do when you're medium-dark skinned carrying a 17" laptop. Even if I'm not assumed a terrorist, I'll probably be watched intently.

So the other day I got pulled into Anders Loves Maria, which I've known of since November last year, but hadn't gotten around to reading. Fortunately for me, whenever several instances of something cross my line of sight, my curiousity gets the best of me. Rene Engstrom is delightfully astute, with a charming mixture of wit and frankness that makes even her daily strip notations worth reading through with anticipation and joy.

I've also been closely following Natalie Tyler Tran's first trip to Comic-Con. A cute nerd girl in my city? The world has gone crazy with coincidence and serendipity. I just noticed some kid posted a video inviting her to dinner. That's manhood calling you son! Haha. Oh wait. It was a girl. Nvrmnd.

So I know I've mentioned it before, but I was thinking of either putting together a weekly podcast or vlog. What do you all think? Hands? Podcast? Vlog? How many would like to see both? How many of you will offer me money/sexual favors for either?

Was that inappropriate?

Kori Michele Hardwerker. Her website [] launches August 2009

Okay speaking of hard workers, your boy here is going on 5 hours of sleep and was busting hump all weekend in 3-digit heat. It's time for a nap. Thanks for having a noodle with me.

Blessings from on high,


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