Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sorry So 2000 and late

Good Afternoon Noodlers!

This afternoon I find myself trying to consolidate backups of my personal images, videos, music, etc. from a 16gb flash stick to my new black armor. I found a 320 black armor on clearance for $70 so I quickly scooped it up. I'm thinking now I should have picked up the other 2 and hocked them online, but oh well.

Congratulations to WongFu Productions for their CNN feature! I continue to be delighted by their rising success.

If I have to like an internet meme this week, this is it. Boom Boom Pope! Chea. Clements rocks my socks with kinokofry! Boy draws on cups. The world goes ape shi-

I couldn't resist

I wanted to show off the results of scanning with the new office jet I bought from a craigslist seller ($45 bucks! it was a steal!)

1) 100 dpi (from 300 lpi scan), 128 color indexed profile, 751 pixels wide (30% shrink), 2) same but 64 color index , 3) original size 64 color index , 4)same but 128 color index
100 dpi 751p 128 colors64 colors 751 pixels widefull res 64 colorsfull res 128 colors

I wonder if any of you all really need a lesson on image compression . . .

Did I ever mention how much I love the work of Alex Toth?

I Also enjoy the work of Steve Rude and Howard Chaykin.

Can you feel me gearing up for Sgt. Fury and the Black Terror? It's got to be coming soon! Yes, my pet. Soon. So very soon.

In other final notes, I've been working on a web-comic project, but so far am unhappy with the artwork. I may branch out into a livejournal or deviantart to get the visual stuff off the ground. What do you guys think? I think I may even pick up a paintbrush soon. I can't wait for my hd cam to arrive! I'm squealing like a little girl here. Hahaha. Will it be safe for me enter the vlogosphere as well? Hmmmm . . . things to ponder. Enjoy your Sunday my lovelies!

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