Sunday, September 6, 2009

Idol Twitter

I'm severely afraid of admitting that I twitter. Well, it's more like I follow twitterers. On occasion I respond to things they've more than likely twittered to ellicit a response from their adoring fans. Twitter is in this context of my experience, the ultimate soap box for the private celebrity of the internet star. It is a delight and an obsession for me to ponder where we are going with internet culture. And with very little flinching I am inside, participating in what feels like a timeless social experiment. Babel much?

So many internet things happened this week , and so few real life things that I feel stultified in figuring out where to start. Paperlillies / @TheEnglishRose introduced me to the dullest blog. More and more the internet seems to me like a little Narnia where stuff has been going on under the radar of real life, in its own spurious time table. And I am halfway in and halfway out like Robin Williams in Hook, except I guess I'm not really that important to the internet universe, but feel compelled to make it so.

Design Concept: Laptop for professional designers from Victor Bivol on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, for the fans of my calendar day trivia check out how ridiculuously significant today is to the history books!

Not really much to say about these except the bird doodles had to do with me wanting to create the internet's first twitter-feed comic about twittering. And then I felt like a douche for thinking that up, and also realized that many people are meme-ing the twitter thing in their superior comic strips already. And then I digressed into looking up the beautiful ornithological ink drawings of George Miksch Sutton. There is a severe dearth of images here in Narnia.

So this morning I caught up with Full Metal Alchemist by watching The Conqueror of Shamballa. Aside from sounding like a lost Conan the Barbarian story, there isn't really much interesting about this movie. There were parts where I literally blanked out on the plot--knew we were going somewhere with this, but really was not that interested in steam punk rocket ships and a bunch of blond blue eyed kids and tuberculosis or something. Two moments made me feel like these were the FMA characters that sucked me into the original tv series. 1) Edward dressed in Al's old garb showing up like the Fist of the Northstar to defend Lior, and Winry almost tearing up at her first sight of Al in, what--2 years? So next I'll be zoning out on FMA: Brotherhood thanks to Funimation and Hulu, and voice actors who are half way decent. This is one of those few cases where the voice acting doesn't turn me away from a dub, but let's treat this like a strictly roller-skate conversation and keep the brakes in the front.

:p Enjoy your Sunday goofballs.

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