Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fweak, Fury and Terror

Because it's Sunday somewhere.

I have some exciting things to share this Sunday, including some snazzy doodles and a few attempts at drawing comics. Yeah I do that stuff sometime. All this for Sunday August 30, 2009--the final Sunday of August, nearing the official end of summer. This is the 242nd day of the year and there are only 123, count 'em, 123 days left until next year.

Patrick Boivin does not disappoint with this awesome Black Ox skateboard short. Mr. Boivin is definitely on my list of favorite things Canadian.

I recently discovered which I will now be using as a springboard to celebrity and ridiculous wealth. I'll write when I've become too big to address you in public without bodyguards and a throng of reporters. ;)

Let's see a show of hands for people who use stumbleupon? Oh come on you'll tweet but you won't stumble? Am I really addressing the cult of Disney Channel Celebrity Fans? Oh well. Here's doodles:

1) my attempt at classical figure construction which reminds me strangely enough of classical roman sculpture. can you tell i struggle with anatomy, especially hands? 2) a look into the mystical process behind my scribbles aka wasted Friday night and uinspired faces and bodies 3) loosening up a bit. i scanned up the original page before i started inking the girl on the left. what seems like good foresight is actually failure to commit to a finishing line.

Also whet your appetite on these mediocre comic strips:

1) originally on one of the above pages; it's just a practice with gestures and minimalism 2) kate beaton is addiction in its silliest form 3) what came of a germ of an idea: a series of strips wherein the protagonist gets "one shot" (of various definitions) but ultimately fails; it is the epitome of my own sense of imminent fail.

But wait, this just in from Sgt. Fury and the Black Terror!

Do you music junkies out there know about

I found out Jack Conte has a page there. Originally Kina Grannis brought me there. I was just wondering if those of you plugged into the internet music scene could give me the run down on what sites are good, or where you go for music and why. Seriously, is that too big of a request?

Also is it too big a request for someone to just say hi? Pretty please? Say (moving along) did anybody see the E! True Hollywood story on Michael Jackson this past week? What's the name of the guy who kept saying "fweak"? That was rad. Ahem. I mean. I don't have time to watch tv.

I've been lifting pencil and pen to paper a lot lately. I had mistakenly run off a 20 page wad of bank mumbo-jumbo while trying to apply online for a new account, thus forcing me to use the half-wasted sheets as scratch paper. It was therein I discovered that my drawin' mojo is more fully released when I'm not dealing with the pressure of the pristine page, but rather allowed to scribble on dummy pages. Hooray for discoveries!

I've also been taking my Zi6 with me on drives and have compiled a good hour or so of clips. I will be trying out Zweistein 4 later today to see if I can actually edit this scrap yard into something one can invest 3 or 4 minutes of their time watching. (crosses fingers). Well, I hope everyone is well. I miss you.

See you soon.

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