Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never settle for a rough draught

I recently searched for the work of Gerhard of Cerebus fame and was just blown away by his range. And then I thought it might be fun to spotlight some of my favorite ink draftsmen.

Gerhard - I have yet to devote the time to reading Cerebus, but having glanced at Gerhard's lovely backdrops hundreds of times I'm convinced I am in love with the atmosphere of this story. It may have actually been the first comic to interest me in black & white comics.

Gustave Dore - I can't say enough about the dedication to perfection inherent in his work. It's superhuman.

Travis Charest - I had no idea what Mr. Charest had been up to since I quit mainstream comics in the mid-90's, but then I discovered his Spacegirl series and realized he's still as good now as he was then. He's like Jim Lee without all the squiggle and fakery with a healthy influence of Moebius.

Leinil Francis Yu - While I was away from comics this guy did what Travis Charest did years before. Solid figure drawing, dynamic layout, with a bit of stylistic flair. They both also make it look very easy.

Martin Wagner - There is something so articulate about his drawings in Hepcats, similarly to Cerebus, I think just draws in the reader naturally. Hepcats, Cerebus, and few others are canon in my indy comics favorites.

Nabiel Kanan - I have not gotten over Nabiel Kanan's Exit since the first time I read it. When you're talking about black and white composition, using texture and line creatively to tell a story, and breaking down forms and values you can not leave out this masterpiece!

Winsor McCay - All I can say is duh! Winsor McCay would make Chuck Norris cry in a staring contest.

Moebius / Paul Chadwick - Anybody who knows comics knows how much of a lasting impression Moebius has left on the medium. And anybody whose even glanced at Paul Chadwick's art knows there is subtle genius behind his composition and draftsmanship. But it takes a certain kind of person to suspect that they are one and the same. I was reading Fragile Creature not too long ago and picked up the reference to He Man and the masters of the universe. So I did a search of the art department attached to the film, but failed to find Chadwick's name in the billing. Instead, one Jean Giraud was listed! And the thing is their art doesn't even look similar on close inspection, but then I thought if I were a genius draftsman like Moebius, why would I draw under a pseudonym with a similar drawing style? I would rather draw upon a different foundation for drawing if I wanted to draw under a different identity! So there you have it! Prove me wrong naysayers!
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