Sunday, October 4, 2009

Magical Thinking

10-4 good buddy! I just had to say that.

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday wherever you are. Another Sunday being unemployed makes me want to bury my face in my pillow, kick my feet around, and force myself into sleep until Monday. But that would just be a terrible way to be, and I can't let that happen. Y'know, for the children's sake.

Take a ride with me.

America Now by Brad Neely


Yes these are great, I know! Magical, no? Y'know I've heard that term magical thinking thrown around here and there for a few years and just never took much stock in what it meant. My initial assessment is that it is used by rationalists and skeptics to indicate a type of everyday psychosis which may or may not be harmful to someone's well being. For instance, does it serve me good or bad to believe a series of minor mishaps can make a day of important decisions disastrous? Should I put off the decision, or charge headlong in optimistic defiance? Would stronger optimism have prevented or lessened the impact of the mishaps? Trying to rationalize around our behavior & what we should expect of ourselves seems a lot like trying to cut one's own hair. It might be possible to do it right, but then again we can't make our eyes orbit our head independently.

Hmmmmmm . . .

So my wonderful announcement of the weekend is that I overcome a bout of nervousness and met one of my internet crushes, Kina Grannis!

And let me tell you, she is just as sweet and wonderful in person as she seems over the internet. I've never known another rising celebrity to be as personable as she is. From the personalized shout outs and messages she creatively works into her videos, to her constant contact with fans through Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube, this is one phenomenal woman! She remembered me from twitter right off the bat, which contributed to the beet-red hue in my goofball smiling mug above. Oh, and I also fumbled with my Zi6 to take some video, but based on the excessive shaking and zip-panning I'm convinced I had a seizure while taking it. And my voice jumped two octaves while talking to her. You will never see this footage

I may start writing Kina Grannis facts (in the style of Chuck Norris facts) to the tune of: Kina Grannis' smile regularly disarms terrorist cells upon contact.

Also I have a few doodlies to share:
Michael Cho is a man worthy of acclaim.

I will be opening up a shop soon where you can buy original prints and other neat stuff. Until that launch I will be taking commission, and as always donations are greatly appreciated. Have a great Sunday everybody!

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