Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tardy in the USA

Hathbanger - Party in the USA/Party and Bullshit

It cracks me up how well this goes together. Reminds me of 90's era Mariah Carrey R&B/Rap crossovers.

So a happy Sunday to everybody. I'm going to really have to eat my hat on this one. I got my sleeping cycle really mixed up Saturday and made two failed attempts to stay up late enought to correct them. Add to that I am physically sore and exhausted from a new temp job and you have the scheduling disaster that is my life this weekend. 5pm and I haven't bought my groceries, done my laundry, nor scribed the SAN you all wait so patiently through the week for!

So bear with me while I try to scrawl something passable.

This first is a preview of an illo I like to call Nicodemons, chronicling the joyously satiated goblins that come with a cigarette habit.
We are fast gaining on 1 year nicotine free

This other is the preview of a sketch I did on a whim based on a short story my bestfriend wrote about a mutual friend of ours. It was called Paper Monsters, and boy it was the shi-
I have two drafting tables I left behind :(

I have another forthcoming page of random doodles further demonstrating the return of my mojo, yet paradoxically illustrating my poor sense of anatomy, composition, and restraint. I promise to post that one and perhaps others tonight when all the living life stuff has been squared away. So you know what that makes today? Double Post Sunday! Yaaaaay!

But before I go anywhere I have to share the extraordinary musical gift in Danielasings:

I'd say that's amazing for a girl whose still in highschool!

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