Sunday, October 11, 2009

Double Drivel

Welcome back for round 2!!

Dueling Dames is a pretty awesome record of women of yore who threw down the white gloves.

Speaking of duels, the votes have been tallied and the final battle in Monsieur Boivin's series is here.

Hulu continues to envelop the universe by hosting complete serials including all 152 episodes of Fist of the Northstar! Whaaaaaaat? In all reality Hokuto no Ken translates into something more like fist of the big dipper, but whatevs dude . . . Eighties babies remember what we remember. Besides would you really feel intimidated by somebody called Fist of the Big Dipper----I mean aside from the homoerotic connotations?

I should have left that one alone.

Well, I'm pretty much out of things to say and it's now Monday, so I'll see y'all next Sunday.

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