Sunday, October 18, 2009

Get outta mah hayd Chawles!

I've been sick. Bleh.

Do you remember Charley Parker? No not The Bird, who was one of the greatest to ever hold the sax, but the creator of Argon Zark! and host of Lines and Colors. Well thanks to Mr. Parker, I discovered a stream of classic illustrators I had never before heard of including: Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen, and yet another Charles, Charlie Robinson.

But it all started with Charles Vess. Sigh. Darkhorse is putting out a 200-page retrospective of Charles Vess' 30+ year career called Drawing Down the Moon. Check the link for the free preview. I highly recommend searching your local library for Stardust or Moonshadow, which are both equally excellent pieces of fantasy literature!

Hey Charles Xavier! I drew you. You know you love how I turned him into a flaming mohawk punkster in a suit.

Also I drew this random assortment of doodles, beginning with the far left femme bot. It was inspired by John Allison's tweet about Russian mail order bride spam bots. I then progressed to the skully guy, random guy with a polo shirt, then bald guy with bald heads orbiting him, dragon, then amazon with flowers by her feet.

Ray Frenden told me about Eric Carl's blog.

I stumbled upon daily scans, which has proven to be adequately entertaining and quirky. Man stumbleupon can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. From daily scans I learned about Kaare Andrews and Spiderman: Reign. Neat stuff.

Oh yes, I also made a run to the library and picked up: Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo, the American remake of Funny Games, and Yukio Mishima's Patriotism. I also am taking a second crack at Raymond Carver's Where I'm Calling From, and a first crack at Comic Book Design by Gary Spencer Millidge. I've lately wondered if I might need to read more books that rely on words more than pictures to convey their meaning. I do consider myself something of a scholar of sequential image literature, but why must I be so exlusively interested? Holy Moley it's late, and I still need to get myself prepped for the coming week. Did I mention that I am back in a temporary job? Pretty cool people I work with, decent hours, and I'm allowed to listen to my zune all day. The unfortunate thing is the strain the work puts on my delicate artist's fingers. lol. I wonder how many artists truly had delicate hands. I'm sure a pictorial spread of artists hands would reveal a hetergenous mix of weathered phalanges.

Okay, that enough for now. Sorry so late today. I love you.

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