Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! This long weekend has consisted of so many things I don't even know where to start. I got to draw and chat with a live Bryony/paperlilies stickam stream. It was awesome and so much fun. And somehow I resisted leaving my apartment and spending money in overcrowded stores among the other zombsumers. Instead I clicked through pages of stuff I still managed not to buy. But I want 1) a graphic tablet(I'm considering the bamboo touch or the genius i609 or the adesso z12) 2) a bluetooth transmitter (probably jay-bird) 3)inexpensive bluetooth earbuds (again probably jay-bird) that don't hurt my ears.

I also fulfilled 2 childhood impossible yearnings. I can now play just about any Turbo Graf-X game I want to, and read just about any Uncanny X-Men comic. I know, geektastic.

I like short stories, and the AV Club, and Neil Gaiman; and he tweeted that he was on this list:,35747/

Wilderness by Tannojoko

Ace has a tumblr:

Man, this is so late, and so scattered. I'm sorry. I've been subsumed with work, random sleep patterns, reruns of Criminal Minds, shopping for graphic tablets & wireless headphones, reading Hokuto Shinken/Jojo Manga, and trying to catch up on an endless list of things I've been curious about. I'm not even sure when my library rentals are due back. I do know I missed my chance to pick up the first volume of Scott Pilgrim. Whaaaaaat? You've never read Scott Pilgrim?!? What kind of Bryan O' Malley fan are you?

The kind that goes to San Diego Comic Con to get him to draw this:

Winged Misa

You may not know this, but I draw stuff from time to time.

Maybe I'll get around to scanning the stuff I sketched during Bryony's stickam session. Oh yeah, btw this is the 51st post since I started blogging, and soon my first year online will be a reality. Who knows what I might accomplish in this coming year? Yay me for not smoking! I am definitely a more creative person because of it! You hear that nicodemons! I am better off without you! Okay, time for laziness. Have a great week my noodly appendages!

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