Sunday, December 6, 2009

zzzZZzzOMG I'm soooooo tired

As my sleep patterns become more erratic, I find that no amount of good intentioned planning ever truly comes and goes smoothly. Its nice to have intimate company, but finding time for personal pursuits generally takes a back seat. That is, if you're not a complete moron. :p

So today's noodle, I should warn, will be full of loquacious self-congratulatory platitudes. But then again, that may not be any different than usual.

Here's a list of martini variations for anybody who was curious.

dog hates me is the concurrent sequel to explodingdog and sam brown is like a retarded angel. genius. also he favors lower case along with me and e.e. cummings.

Birthday wishes go to Nick Park, Judd Apatow, Alain Tanner, Craig Newmark, and my older brother.

Chickenhare is the next best thing since Amulet came out.

When I wake up I will be reading some more Jojo and Hokuto no Shinken, a random X-men, and catching up with web comics. I'm sure at some point twitter will steal a few hours from me, as well as my train of thought. Then I will attempt to read a few chapters of the Comedians before passing out into sleep again. Remind to check my oil, I've been meaning to do that for a while. Also I could run a vacuum through my interior too. At some point I'll need to add some newly acquired tunes and audio books to my zune. Will there be enough space? Hmmmm, what should I erase? Oh yeah, I also wanted to go check out an organic market I just heard about. Crap, I better grab some shut eye. Have a super noodly afternoon noodluns. I love you.

p.s. Happy 52nd post SAN.

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