Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Noodledays!

There's something that attracts me to terrible, trite, second-rate holiday movies. Or rather there is something that I am conscious of being attracted to. Something in the awkward mediocrity of their execution, something in the lazy ambling of its plot beats, something in the sleepy quality of these movies that draws my interest. I haven't sat down and watched one in a long time, but I just now watched a youtube clip of Chris Brown singing an old Otis Redding song with about a quarter of the fervor Otis put into things, while the rest of the cast (inside of a night club) feigned surprise at his "tour de force". I could sense the unconvincing air of creeping excitement, spontaneous declarations of emotion and intimacy that the movie wanted to convey, but somehow could only state in cliché, as if to concede to the audience that it could not decently tell a story, yet still wanted the central focus to be ascertained and applauded. Perhaps the film ends with an upbeat soul song of yesteryear, the coda of bad holiday movies. The best analogy I can muster to describe this is a one-bar, small town, winter charm. Their is something charmingly pathetic about these forgettable movies.

Most Sunday's are a bit like this.

But Sunday Afternoon Noodle makes them like this.

Here are random topics of the day

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Vincent Price was like my weird tv uncle. I really miss his movies being on tv. Sorry Will Smith, this version was infinitely better.

I am now reading the Complete Persepolis, waiting for Vol. 1 of Scott Pilgrim to begin a marathon reading of the first five books. I have been reading things about the documentary theory of the bible's authorship. I have been tunneling through Jojo manga, and finally made it to the 90's OAV's which were, by the way, friggin' excellent especially in comparison to the prequel OAV's. But tonight will be video night as I catch up with Nadesico, which I first caught 10 years ago at Cal-Animage meetings. I hope everything is safe, healthy, and happy for the holidays. G'night.

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