Sunday, December 27, 2009

I literally have nothing to post about

Is this a cop-out, or is it more of a blogo-colon-cleansing? I haven't stumbled in months. I haven't sketched or drawn or painted anything of lasting significance (despite spoiling myself with a brand new wacom), nor have I embarked on any of my trademark research tangents. Instead I've been bemoaning my zune's broken lcd, uselessly searching for a leak in my inflatable mattress, staring at a stack of threatening mail which demands my attention (and money), and occasionally noticing the ache in my lower back.

I better make this short because I need to go buy toilet paper, shampoo, milk, and cereal. I'm so lame. But you know what? It's okay. I'm not as bad as a loser as Scott Pilgrim. Also It's also 2010, so if my theory is correct, my 7 years of bad luck will be lifted from my shoulders like all debts on the occasion of the jubilee.

So celebrate as you might have Sunday Afternoon Noodlers, because this evening is mine to shine, and, uh, eat delicious treats.

Something to keep you entertained:

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