Sunday, February 7, 2010

The One With Parentheses

Welcome to the 61st post of SAN. Today in history a lot of wonderful things happened including the 44th superbowl, in which the (who dat) N'Orlean Saints championed over the (most likely to blow out) Indianapolis Colts. As I'm sure, none of you care that this post is so late because you had other things going on.

Well, as it turns out, I had other things going on too. I've been on a desperate hunt to replace my cellphone and cellphone carrier, and (fingers crossed) luckily find a data plan for mobile web usage. Y'see I plan to get myself one of them nice mobile internet devices (MID) something of an upgraded personal media player (PMP) and have my hopes up for an ultra mobile pc (UMPC). The only major problem is that they cost so much more than all the moneys I have, thusly I am vexed with the riddle of trying to economize an obviously extravagant expenditure. In the meantime I draw stuff and watch tv shows online.

With the close of Battlestar Galactica and introduction of Caprica, I've decided to (guess what?!?) actually watch BSG and find out what all the (arrears) commotion was. And yes, I have made the jump from moderate geek to socially misfit geek, but ay fuggedaboutit, this shows got da good characta zation and suprizing plot beat revoisals. Also it's shot well: the lighting, set design, and editing is par excellence (did I just say that?).

Caprica is not living up to the Mad Men-esque non-sci-fi-geekiness that I'd read it would be, but is good nonetheless as a mystery speculative sci-fi period-piece. Its good to see Esai Morales back on the screen and not screaming Riiiiiiiiichie at the sky. Is it me or are the Taurons an amalgamation of Latino and Italian stereotypes? I'd only discovered that Adama's father was a civil liberties attorney, so jumping into the past to watch the first 3(4ish) episodes of Caprica was kind of a premature flashback. Also is it weird that Richie's half brother is Kimo's dad? Calcoolus.

Jess Fink is doing reviews of Star Trek TNG as she catches up with the series. See!? I'm not all that bad at catching up on thrilling sci-fi! At least I've seen TNG.

CG Unit has a shuffle button which I find endlessly fun. Also Ashley Wood is the shit.

Here are my most recent doodles.

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