Sunday, April 18, 2010

Never know until you try

wish Edgar Wright a happy birthday.

I watched Kick Ass this weekend, and it took me a while to realize that there never was a separate Hit Girl movie. At home I proceeded to read about the various controversies of the film's content, and rumors of Mark Millar's misogynistic/racist subtexts. Originally I wanted to write a personal review of the film, but those always end up as critiques, and most people I know that genuinely like going to movies to enjoy themselves, hate critiques, i.e. they think i'm a douche-sack for attempting to mitigate the good and bad of the film in a logical manner. Logic is apparently unwelcome 10 minutes before, as well as 24 hours after a movie. Huh.

This weekend things on my radar are: Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, finding an excellent recipe for homemade beanie weenie, listening to the last 11 or so chapters of A Princess of Mars, and scoping out a new computer. I broke down and let those evil bastards at Viliv pilfer $20 + s&h for an RCA/RGB cable for my S5. I'm sure all this spending is helping it rain somewhere.

Britt Wilson and Vicki Nerino are a pair of gutter-minded, foul-mouthed draftswomen of the loveliest kind. They also live together and give each other the cooties.

Oh man is it getting late. I feel like I accomplished so little this weekend. I might blog mid-week just to clear the air. See you then

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