Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peace be with you

Hello, today is May 16, 2010 and I am quite uninspired. I've got to take a few days, maybe a few weeks to get some perspective on what I want out of this blog, or what I want to make of this blog, which has in these last 17 months become a wild overgrowth of distractions, partial amusements, and inchoate ideas.

Or maybe I just need to think out loud for today as I try to muster enthusiasm for new things I want to cast out for in the ever receding horizon of this lifetime, and this blog is merely a figurehead of that.

I had some journal comics planned for today, but they're just not coming into fruition. Also I can't draw an idea to save my life. I can sketch portraits, and occasionally get out a hackneyed narrative full of visual cliches, but a well drawn sequence I cannot seem to produce. WTH is my problem?

I have been reading The Gods of Mars. I have been watching, as previously mentioned, Gundam Zeta and Gundam 0079, and most recently read about Yoshiyuki Tomino's streak of fatalism. I think there is something there to say about depression, frustration, and the catharsis of tragic stories.

This weekend I enjoyed Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, though I had not originally planned on seeing it. I also spent some time drawing portraits on I discovered a very funny book while killing time before the movie: Sh*t My Dad Says, by Justin.

Here are a few interesting people born on this day:

Here are some concepts I had floating in my head:

I day dreamed about some kind of future alien who came back to teach a group of regular human beings about developed sensory abilities, such as being able to see things in overlay, or faster than light/time. A person could, for instance, be able to track the movement of an object based on a visual concatenation of their observation over time. The alien would explain that these developed abilities were conditioned by use of technology, and that they were akin to things like multi-tasking.

I also had a revisionary idea of an old story concept I began in highschool about a guy in a rehabilitation center after suffering a nervous breakdown. I wanted to incorporate fantasy elements that nod toward John Carter and A Princess of Mars, his friendship with Tars Tarkas, and Cantos Kan. I'm also remembering I drew some inspiration from Macross, especially in the spectacle of Macross Do You Remember Love; something about the dual romantic struggle of war and love. I am just now recalling an idea of the bittersweet rapture of the end of an age, or even the end of one's life.

On that note, let me return to the land of the living to take stock of the day that remains. Peace be with you my friends.

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