Sunday, May 9, 2010

More typewriter sounds!

This is a preview of a doodle comic I want to finish. Y'know before I die or something.

So things this weekend:

Mother's Day - happy day to you and your mother!
TCAF - i watched it from my internet parascope. it was awesome
Iron Man 2 - sneaking coffee into movie theaters is my new hobby; apparently i didn't really need it this time. i felt like donating it to don cheadle, though

I discovered Pablo Neruda's beautiful Oda a la Pereza at the bookstore. :)

Ben Heine has a unique art project blog. I like it. Thanks Charley Parker/lines and colors!

I am currently watching Gundam Z and Gundam 0079 at tandem, trying to get at the bottom of this Pulse of the Stars storyline (and really the whole Gundam universe). I have been listening to Gorillaz - Plastic Beach and Paramore - Brand New Eyes. And now I must bid you adieu while I try to do real life things and paint stuff.

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