Sunday, June 13, 2010

Somebody Somewhere

I am currently in the February 2010 archive of Nedroid's Picture Diary. It is autastic! Seriously, i'ts a funny comic and I am shamed by my lateness to the party.

Cardboard Mechanics Installation from Sasj on Vimeo.

Hey this Wednesday Comics thing DC did . . . I remember hearing about it, but I totally missed it. Does somebody want to buy me this?

So Man, It's Sunday! Clean up your room!

floorstatik June 02, 2010This is a story of all the things that we find annoying about having a roommate and how we constantly play the game of who has the last laugh!! I hope you ENJOY!

Music by War - Galaxy (no copyright intended)

Here's a list of things I going to attempt to read this week:

Wilson by Daniel Clowes
Funny Mishapen Body by Jeffrey Brown

Here's a list off DVD's I borrowed from the library:

A State of Mind by Daniel Gordon
Times and Winds by Reha Erdem
The complete Dungeons & Dragons animated series (!!!)

It being Sunday, as late as it is, the sun is still out and I'm thinking of soaking up some rays. The park sounds nice, out by the water and all. Times like this I miss being a bus ride away from the beach. What's everybody doing this summer? Anybody going anywhere special? Let's go somewhere special this summer! Deal?

April 09, 2010Join the event group and read voting info here:
Thank you so much for doing this guys!

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