Sunday, June 6, 2010

Trudging through self doubt

Hey look, I did a comeek. Ernie Pook it is not.

I am intensely interested in Birchfield Close by Jon McNaught.

This past week I made my way through the ellerbisms archive, and moved along to the everyday which will probably take me another day or so. Also I caught up with bad machinery, and am trying to close in on the final chapter of scary go round. It has been a comics binging week.

I watched American Psycho, Batman The Dark Knight, and Battle Royale. Movies have been bloody this week.

To produce a comic every week will I have to rely on binging on British webcomics and bloody b-movies starring Beat Takeshi, or Christian Bale in blockbusters or burlesque adaptions of Bret Easton Ellis books?

Pah! I am now going to read a bunch of Uncle Scrooge comics and watch episodes of Ducktales. Later skaters.

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