Sunday, September 5, 2010

the confines of a minute

Okay, so because over a hundred years ago people were dying in grisly factory and railroad accidents and unions shut down the country with a bunch of strikes we get a long weekend. You probably more or less knew that. I wish that this weekend would last a bit longer, though. And I hope it wouldn't necessitate going back in time and causing more people to needlessly die in stupid accidents that could have been prevented if greedy industrialists weren't such evil slave drivers. But then again you might say, would we be living in such an advanced society if they hadn't broken the backs of our ancestors? Well isn't that just selfish of us!

So long weekend.

I wish I didn't work the shit day job I do, but who am I to complain while my rent is paid and I have health, vision and dental. I'm living the American scheme. When I was a kid I thought I was talented enough to avoid this troublesome existence, and yet I trudged through that old troublesome existence to march myself through the college-industrial-complex only to end up in a different troublesome existence. Man, it sure is hard to exist.

I think the advent of public admissions to state sponsored colleges and universities must have been to an older generation what the world wide web was to my generation. The horizon must have looked immense for those early college freshmen. And now with the web, the generation immediately behind me must feel compelled to try their luck at internet celebrity and entrepreneurship while quietly going through the motions of college. But in the end it all boils down to the same thing--finding a route to wealth and continued existence. The concept of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps ever the more illusive.

So happy labor day people.

This weekend I learned a few things: 1) I am the best at making boxed mac & cheese 2) I am only okay at playing the guitar 3) I like ice cream a whole lot more than getting off my ass and being in public.

I drew some things, but as usual I am too lazy or to encumbered to get my scanner working and post them somewhere. So internet celebrity remains illusive. Also money.

Here's some things that distracted me, though:
his entire journal archive is friggin' amazing.

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bellen which I believe just ended along with The Everyday and Ellerbisms
space trawler actually this was from last weekend, but its good and worth mentioning
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LaurenOC12 | November 23, 2009

I wonder if it's too late to catch Machete?

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