Sunday, September 19, 2010

sleep cycle

My sleep cycle done got broke. Have you ever considered the meaning of your day as related to when you rise and rest? I'm trying to grasp a metaphor for the meaning of a day based on the musical principles of measure, rhythm, and notation. For the most part our experience of a day or a cycle is relative to the passing of the sun overhead. I for one enjoy the sun, but the allure of the moonlight and cool night air is hard to deny. Eventually my body tires out and sleep is inevitable, except in those cases where I've willed myself awake.

jonnyboots | October 01, 2007

Out of the movies that I've noticed playing lately I think I'm most interested in Winter's Bone. The American and The Town remind me of movies I've already seen. Sadly, my money is too tight to go piddling off $11 on a flick and $8 on a soda and a small popcorn.

I drew some things. I decided September would be Machete fan art month. The other thing is me discovering how the right tools can really help a true artist flourish. I drew these on the back of an old resumé with a clicky ballpoint pen I got from my car insurance office. Anyhow, I liked the excited expression so much I kept drawing hat kid. Although his hat kept changing and his facial anatomy was inconsistent I felt a little like I was channeling Winsor McCay.

jfkline23 | April 10, 2010

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