Sunday, September 26, 2010

Drawing Upon Experience

I drew a bunch of things this week.

For instance, this girl who appeared as if from ether with no under-drawing, just brush-pen on paper. I'm a little proud of the delivery since I virtually suck at inking.

And then mid-week people I follow were drawing werewolf comics to celebrate the harvest moon. There was also this wonderful Pokemon project Steve Wolfhard began, but to me the werewolf stuff was the stellar stuff of good memories. Also a dog wandered into my work and I had to record it for posterity's sake.

Ripped from the headlines I found out about Sesame Street's difficult decision to axe Katy Perry from their casting call. I'm sure she is utterly devastated that she will not get to hold Elmo close to her bosom.

And then, I read stuff. Rebecca Dart did a page 100 entry about The Hawkline Monster and it made a big enough impression on me to go and find the book. And, no, I don't really read like a dandy in my boxers. Ok. Yes I do.


Skullcano Island is the home of Nandi the Savage. Mr. Esty is apparently a friend of Aaron Diaz/Dresden Codak.

Joseph Lambert is a friend of Dharbin and his art is excellent to the point of excellence.
You will lose sleep over how good this is.

OkGo | September 19, 2010

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