Sunday, October 3, 2010

Koko wa doko

Tonight I want to watch some Dr. Who, but where should I start? I've been jumping around reading Uncanny X-Men, and today I finished the first Dungeon Zenith book. I also watched Primer last night. For some reason I feel underwhelmed by the things I have in my queue. I feel like I should be getting a lot more out of these things I've taken the time to hunt down.

Occasionally something light and ephemeral comes along like this (thanks EmmyCic)

any31332 | July 31, 2010
官方網頁 Official website:

I have a new crush on Zan Czyzewski.

kitanja | March 08, 2008

24-hour comics day was this past Saturday. Also web comics weekend and APE are around the corner. I'm really looking forward to getting to my first APE. I remember my first time attending each of the conventions I've been to through the years. Things are a little different being thirty, mostly older than a lot of the other attendees, older than some of the talent. I expect I'll have to overcome a little awkwardness, moreso without the old cigarette crutch I used to get on casually with strangers. I guess that's why they keep the bars open, huh? I wonder why it is I am so terrible at striking up witty conversation with people I've just met without some form of intoxicant? It's often like I'm back in grade school waiting out the moment when we'd all have to introduce ourselves to the class and say something pithy about ourselves. Contrast that with the first time you ever found yourself wandering through a group of drunk or high kids, spilling your guts about how wasted you were.

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