Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cure for the common klutz

Now if only onions also cured colds! Oh yeah. They kinda do. This week I got hammered by my car's radiator taking a dump on me, and then waking up this Saturday with a full blown head cold. Y'know the kind where your nose burns all the way down your eustachia into the back of your throat, your body feels like somebody got you drunk then beat the shit out of you, and your brain seems to have been replaced with a suffocating gerbil.

daniellesmagic | November 05, 2009

Samhiti Blog - I can't remember who linked this to me, but I read Death Day up to the most recent chapter and found it very captivating, though at times hard to read.

This week I caught up with the 2 newer Bond films. I also watched The Dreamers which was worth the watch. Then on Saturday I had a Battlestar Galactica season 2 marathon which I kept falling asleep to on account of being sick. My playlist now also includes: The Prisoner, Venture Bros. season 2, Lost season 1, Lupin III season 1, and Gundam 0079.
is a good livejournal. Have a good week everybody, see you after Halloween!

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