Sunday, October 31, 2010


poe416 | January 10, 2009

This year Halloween fell on a weekend. Me and Geto Boys went trick-or-treatin'. Or not.

Listen to all of these. Brian Fukushima is this week's champion.

tjstuff1 | July 14, 2008

This weekend I've been taking in the pre-winter fuzzies, that childish wooziness that accompanies being dizzied by all the hoopla of normal folk during the holiday season. Also I am a little sick still so my body is doing weird things like pumping my body full of endorphins and serotonin and allowing my voice to drop two octaves. I am taking in a lot of entertainment such as the entire Ranma 1/2 series, Callers (see below), a Dustin Harbin interview on Ink Studs, BSG, Superman Returns, Lost Season 1, Batman: The Killing Joke. I could, however, use some orange juice.

levriero201 | June 18, 2007

I think this song is actually pretty bangin'. Also Raffaella Carra looks pretty hot. Next up, Noel Fielding of Old Gregg fame.

KasabianTour | April 01, 2009

Last is the ultimate Halloween comic by Emily Carroll
Happy Halloween everybody and Have a great November!

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