Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hadoukentheband | October 25, 2010

It is Neil Gaiman's birthday this coming wednesday. Here is a special birthday post by Ivy McCloud.

Speaking of Livejournal, this week the internet fumed at CookSource a free publication for jacking an lj post. This is a reenactment.

And then our buddy Dharbin posted a clever guide to using the AMES.

I've often wondered what really makes me queue up so many things I never get to. Well, here's an answer! Also I really like this Charles Schultz post. I think these two things go a long way in helping me think in the right direction.

My favorite web comic related links for the week are the following:

Well it's high time for celebration because not only have I hit 100 posts (!!!) but I've begun posting to my new livejournal, and I've somehow finagled Brian Fukushima into not only writing a song about me, but also becoming my 30th follower on twitter! Have an excellent week everybody!

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