Sunday, January 23, 2011

Applying Discipline Daily

nprmusic | January 21, 2011

Happy Sunday Everybody!

So if it's not too late to make some resolutions about the new year I thought I'd jump on a very important one. I vow to be more disciplined this year. I was watching that Iron & Wine video and listening to his ditty about applying discipline to his work: taking his kids to school in the morning then setting himself to work until it was time to pick them up; like punching the clock. Once upon a time I had that discipline. I never really learned to apply it well to things I love, or things I want to be better at. It seems the things I really care about I tend to drift away from, and this year I want to put my foot down. To the left is a drawing I started on a whim. I continued to work it up with my new faber-castell brush pens and a set of prisma color multi-tip greys I bought nearly a year ago and have seldom used. I had two sketches in my old sketchbook I was really proud of, in which I used the prismas, however, I can't show you them since it was stolen. In hindsight I wish I had used that sketchbook so often that I would not have left it in my car to be stolen. I wish I had taken it in with me that Sunday night to draw in. I wish I had the unwavering discipline to draw in it every night, and that it was full of so many sketches I would be backlogged on getting everything scanned in. And then there would be more discipline to apply. But at least I wouldn't be sulking here, ashamed of my own A.D.D.

charliejames1975 | June 02, 2010

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